Colombia on its way to become a medical cannabis power

Colombia, which last year allowed commercial growth of cannabis for research purposes, is now in the process of becoming a medical cannabis power. Alongside the “marijuana land” that is flourishing in the Kali Valley, the authorities approved 33 new cannabis companies with export permits to take control of the world market and turn Colombia into an export hub for competitors such as Canada and Israel.


Colombia is known as home to some of the world’s biggest drug traffickers, including Pablo Escobar and the rest of the 1970’s cocaine barons, but it seems that it will soon be recognized as a major player in the global cannabis market.

Colombia was one of the first countries to catch the train and to pass in 2016 comprehensive legislation in the field of medical cannabis, which allows among other things the growth of cannabis for sale (in the domestic market) and exports abroad.


33 cannabis companies – exporting within a few months
Although preparations for the official opening of the cannabis market have long been underway, the first results of the legislation can be seen in recent months in some of the country’s agricultural areas, which were covered with the first green crops.

One of the most important areas is of course the new “land of marijuana” that grew in the Valley of Cali, and is now the largest agricultural center in the field of medical cannabis in Colombia. In the valley of Kali there are guided tours for cannabis entrepreneurs, and it is expected to become the Colombian industrial center from its inception.

Cannabis Plantation in the Columbia Mountains:
This area is the home of several local cannabis companies and several other foreign-owned companies, such as Canada’s PharmaCielo and Khiron Life Sciences, which are currently in the final stages of product development and breed stabilization for the start of sales.

Since September 2017, when Colombian authorities have approved the activities of companies in the field of medical cannabis, 33 distribution and distribution licenses have been distributed to new companies, many of which have already begun operating in the last two months.

According to media reports, the opening of sales in the domestic market and, possibly, the opening shot of exports from Colombia, will take place within a few months. The authorities may have stepped up the pace of export activity after the latest UN report, which showed how far the potential to take over the industry is at its peak.

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