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T R C F deals with Forward and Current contracts of the cannabis industry, worldwide. T R C F deals with all types of goods, including dried flowers, crystals, oil, products, licenses, lots etc.

We are Market Makers in Forward and Current trading between different suppliers & buyers, according to local laws and regulations. In most countries of the world, the use of medical cannabis becomes legal and there is a non-incrimination law for recreational use.

Cannabis cultivation is an official agricultural growth and governments are about to allow import & export in the near future. A future contract is a necessary condition for activity, from raising capital, obtaining credit lines, growth, production, and more.

We deal with 1-100 tons of top quality cannabis goods.

We are proud of our Professionalism, Confidentiality and Integrity. We Make Cannabis Deals Happen.


  • Mrs. Orit Shalom Aloni
    Mrs. Orit Shalom Aloni ASIA Business Development Officer

    Deals with development ASIA Aountries and Clients – Suppliers and Buyers.
    Computer expert for 15 years.

  • Ms. Etti Cohen Arazi
    Ms. Etti Cohen Arazi Chief Marketing Officer

    Marketing & International relationships, Tel Aviv University. Brings extensive business development, marketing and corporate experience in the bio-pharmaceutical. Helds director position in Rainbow Medical fund.

  • Ms. Ortal Klein
    Ms. Ortal Klein Chief Legal Officer

    LLB. and LLM. 20 years’ experience. Served as VP snc Chief General Counsel and Corporate Secretary in major companies listed in NYSE and TASE with a turnover of more than $1.5. billion.

  • Mr. Dan Bracha
    Mr. Dan Bracha Founder & CEO

    B.A., M.B.A, Wharton-Insead-York-TLV Partnership. Fighting Falcon Driver.
    A proven track record of success in delivering high value projects in a variety of sectors including hi-tech, aerospace, military consultation and real estate.


  • Mr. Asaf Vainer
    Mr. Asaf Vainer Comm. Expert

    LLB, Law School Newcastle, England

    Public Relation and communication expert

  • Dr. Liat Lomnitski
    Dr. Liat Lomnitski Chemist Consultant

    B.Sc., M.Sc. PhD. in biochemistry. Post-doctorate in neuroscience. 15 years’ experience in Perrigo, (NYSE: PRGO) in Preclinical development, Efficacy models, Pharmacology and toxicology and Safety assessment.

  • M.D. Ronen Durst
    M.D. Ronen Durst Medical Consultant

    Senior Cardiologist division Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical, Jerusalem. Post-doctoral fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Cardiology and Genetics.

  • Mr. Nimm Terkel
    Mr. Nimm Terkel Cannabis expert Consultant

    B.Sc in Geophysics and planetary sciences. Brings 10 years experience in the global and Israeli cannabis industry. Accumulated vast knowledge, experience and understanding in regulations and market development of cannabis based products in the US, Israel and Europe.


  • Mr. Mike Herstig
    Mr. Mike Herstig Thailand and East Asia Rep.
  • Mr. Gabriel Hayun
    Mr. Gabriel Hayun L. America Rep.

    Israel-Latin America Chamber of Commerce former CEO.

    Ex CEO de la Cámara de Comercio Israel-América Latina.

    Ex-CEO da Câmara de Comércio Israel-América Latina.

  • Mr. Ophir Yaari
    Mr. Ophir Yaari Germany Rep.

    An expert on the various types of cannabis. With an in-depth knowledge of everything involved in medical uses.

  • Mr. John Gainor
    Mr. John Gainor U.S. Rep.
  • Mr. Josef Yona
    Mr. Josef Yona Israel Rep.
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