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TRCF started represents ForeNutri, Lingonberry Group, the largest manufacturer of hemp CBD products in Asia

(Water Soluble) CBD Isolate
Full (Broad) Spectrum Extract CBD Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp Protein.

Advantages as following:

1. Owned whole license by the government (Culitivate, Process, Sales)
2. The biggest planting area in China (20000 Hectares)
3. NSF-cGMP, GMP, HACCP, ISO, Organic, HALAL, KOSHER, SC certified facility
4. Advanced extraction technology (continuous ultrasonic countercurrent extraction technology)
5. Strong R&D competency and Technical support (2 Labs in domestic, 1 lab in oversea)
6. Technical support is China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine gainer Tu Youyou science team
7. CBD got the 3rd party USA lab test reports.
8. Chairman of China CBD industrial Hemp association.

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