Supply No. 10333: 5000 INDOOR & GREENHOUSE LAMPS

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Best in-class solution
JLED®, Based on LightCell® combines benefits of HPS & LED for
o Right spectrum with highest efficiency
o Light penetrates to the roots
Best solution for Greenhouses & Vertical farming
o Allows lighting surface as low as 15-50 cm (6”-20”) and as high as
8 meters above the canopy
Revolutionary efficiency
o Up-to 100% higher levels of light (umol/s/m^2), compared to LED;
o Passive cooling system
o Up-to 65%/92% less heat emission, compared to LED/HPS
o Lower fixture temperature and slim form factor enables more shelves per a
given facility height
Optimized spectrum
o Continuous and dynamic adaptation for different growth stages, including growing
and flowering; Optimized for different kinds of plants
o Computerized spectrum control allows controlled altering Phyto-cannabinoids in
final biomass; Supports more Trachoma on leaves;
Full control allows complete facility automatization
o Wireless control; Natively supports digital ecosystem, including:
 Video cameras (wireless connection; no need in cabling)
 Sensors
o Integrated artificial-intelligence (AI)
o Saves human labor
Full modularity

Asking Price
EUP up-to 100 pcs $           900
EUP up-to 500 pcs $           800
EUP up-to 1000 pcs $           700
EUP up-to 5000 pcs $           600
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